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What we offer

Magnifico has more than 20 years of experience in the study holiday industry and our aim is to provide good quality programmes at competitive prices. We also consider the welfare and safety of students a priority and have built our programmes around the need to provide, first and foremost, a protected environment for all those who are in our care.

We have 2 campuses in the UK for 2018:

• University of Leicester
• University of Reading

For details about each of the above campuses click on 'Our Centres' at the top of the page.

The students have something to do from the moment they get up until they go to bed. They are expected to participate fully and are encouraged to interact with other students and staff as much as possible.

Magnifico has combined a quality English language course with a quality programme of activities and excursions. We want the students to improve their English, to have a good time and to provide them with a memorable experience.

Magnifico Summer Campus Accommodation

The students are generally accommodated in single rooms with ensuite facilities. This means they have their own private bathroom facilities in their room.

The University of Leicester also offers standard accommodation with single rooms and shared bathrooms (one bathroom for every 3/4 students). These bathrooms are on the same corridor as the rooms.

All rooms in all campuses are grouped in small flats (between 4 and 8 rooms) on single corridors with a kitchen.

Each accommodation building can only be accessed with the keys/keycards of the students staying in that building and there is a member of staff on each floor.

Magnifico Summer Campus English Language Programme

In 2008 we received British Council Accreditation which was reconfirmed in 2012 and we are very pleased to announce that following our 2016 Inspection by the British Council, Accreditation was again confirmed. Furthermore, we were also awarded with seven strengths in the following areas: care of students; care of the under 18’s; staff management; academic management; teaching; premises & facilities, and leisure opportunities. We are very proud of this and it means that you, as a parent or a group leader, can see our commitment to ensuring that everything we do is done to the highest possible standards.

At the heart of our programme is the English language course. The course is based on the Trinity College London GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English) syllabus and the students have the option to sit the exam at the end of their stay. This is an internationally recognised qualification. The exam is a one-to-one, face-to-face oral interview between the candidate and an examiner:

• 12 grades from absolute beginner (Grade 1) to full mastery (Grade 12)
• Levels A1 to C2 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference)

Since this is an oral exam, teachers will be working a lot on the speaking and listening skills. This will help build the students' confidence and improve their fluency. However, teachers want students to enjoy learning English, so lessons will include fun and stimulating activities.

At the start of the course, all students are given a test which allows us to place them in groups according to their ability. This test is both written and oral. Classes are organised into groups of 16 and students are taught by qualified teachers. At the end of the course all students receive a certificate of attendance which reports on their level according to the Common European Framework of Reference.

Magnifico Summer Campus Performing Arts

At the University of Leicester and the University of Reading we have a programme of Drama, Dance and Singing lessons. In the end of course Talent Show, you will have the chance to show the other students what you have been doing.

You can change activity every day or stay with the same activity for your whole stay.

Magnifico Summer Campus Leisure Programme

When the students are not studying English, Magnifico offers a varied programme of activities. This programme covers the morning, afternoon and evening of each day during their stay. The students must take part in all aspects of the programme. There is no unaccompanied free time.

For details about what each of the campuses offers as part of the Leisure Programme click on 'Our Centres' at the top of the page.

Magnifico Summer Campus Excursions

As part of our programme, students have two full day excursions a week in Reading and Leicester.

Every excursion is assessed for any potential risks so that when the students are out, we are taking the best possible care of them.

The students are accompanied by members of staff on a staff/student ratio of 1:15 or 1:20.

Magnifico uses a private coach company and not public transport on excursions.

All students are issued with an Emergency Card when they go out on an excursion. This tells them what to do if they are lost or if they need help. They can also contact us free of charge by making a reverse charge call and the instructions for doing this are on the card.

Magnifico Summer Campus Food

The students are provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner on campus each day, except on excursion days when they are given packed lunches (breakfast and dinner are on campus).

All our campuses do their very best to serve food that the students will want to eat. They can also provide meals for students with special dietary requirements and this must be indicated on the enrolment form

The catering services work very hard to provide a balanced and varied menu and we act quickly on any complaints we receive about the food.

Magnifico Summer Campus Welfare and Safety

Magnifico is committed to a practice with procedures where safeguarding the welfare of students in our care is of paramount importance. The company’s duty of care to the student is our primary concern and the company accepts its part in recognising its responsibilities. All adults working for the company are expected to share this ethos and to actively engage in looking after under 18s safely.

The welfare and safety of the students is our Number One priority. All our staff receive training regarding the care of students under the age of 18. All our staff are also checked for their suitability to work with students under the age of 18.

All students have access to a group leader and if a student arrives without a group leader, a member of Magnifico staff will be assigned to him or her.

Each student is given a Student Handbook containing the rules and regulations of the campus and safety information and an orientation session when they arrive.

Magnifico offers a full programme to all its students. They must take part in all aspects of the programme. There is no unaccompanied free time.

The students can only leave the campus grounds if they are with a member of staff.

The Centre Manager will be the students' main contact in all matters regarding their stay with Magnifico.

• Local security staff 24 hours a day
• Local security staff campus night patrols all night
• Magnifico staff accommodation night patrols from 23:00-01:00
• 1 teacher per 16 students
• 1 member of activity staff per 15 or 20 students
• Doctor on call and on campus

Magnifico Summer Campus Safeguarding and child protection policy


Magnifico Summer Campus Doctor

All our campuses have a doctor available 24 hours a day.

Parents and Group Leaders must inform Magnifico if a student needs special medical attention during their stay (this can be done by using the enrolment form) and make sure that the student brings any necessary medication with them.

The students also have access to local health services.

Magnifico Summer Campus What to pack

In England the weather can be unpredictable and a summer rarely passes without some rain, so a waterproof jacket and an umbrella are absolutely essential.

We recommend that students also put the following things in their suitcase:

• A towel(s)
• Toiletries (shampoo, soap etc)
• Comfortable clothes and shoes for the classroom
• Comfortable clothes and shoes for sport
• A warm jumper or fleece
• Comfortable shoes for walking (especially on excursions)

N.B. All campuses have a laundry service for the washing and drying of clothes.

Magnifico Summer Campus Group Leaders

Group Leaders have a very important role during their students' study holiday and Magnifico is available to support in all areas concerning their stay. Magnifico, as a British Council accredited organisation, follows a clear set of guidelines and these are summarised in the Group Leader Information Pack.

On arrival, Group Leaders receive the Group Leader Information Pack which outlines best practice while on a Magnifico study holiday.

Following the success of previous seasons, Magnifico is offering a new introductory course for Group Leaders, who are English teachers, which focuses on practical ideas for the classroom to help stimulate student interest and motivation.

Magnifico Summer Campus Contacts

Our London offices operate the following opening times:

Monday - Friday
08:30 - 12:00 and 13:30 - 17:30

Tel. No. +44(0)208 4279792 ; +44 (0)7424 631261; email:

If you need to contact us outside these hours during the season in July and August:
Mobile +44(0)7424 631261

On arrival at the campus, the students complete a Student Contact Form which includes their parents' contact details in case of emergencies.


Job Opportunities

We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic and outgoing staff keen to make a decisive contribution to all aspects of the course.